Seminary Environmental Certification Program

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Budget size of seminary (If your seminary is part of a university or institution of which the seminary budget is a part, please list the seminary portion of the budget only.):


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In 200 words or less, please describe why your institution wants to participate in the Seminary Environmental Certification Program.


In 100 words or less, provide some examples of your school’s environmental initiatives or activities within the last five years.


In 100 words or less, please describe any particular expertise or experience that your school can offer to other schools in the program (e.g. seminary solar installations, integration of environmental justice into coursework, green purchasing policies).


The Certification Enrollment Fee of $1,500 will be due upon an institution’s acceptance into the program.


Note: The Enrollment Fee is a reduced amount from the customary fee of $3,000 and is made possible by generous support from the program’s funders. In return, schools will agree to share feedback on and suggestions for improvement of the program.  


We have read and understand the process requirements for certification in the Green Seminary Initiative Seminary Environmental Certification program.   


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The application should be submitted through email to by April 22, 2017.