Building an Effective Green Certification Team

for participation in the

Seminary Environmental Certification Program

(pdf available here)

Your institution’s Green Certification Team is the foundation upon which all your Seminary Environmental Certification efforts are built. This Green Certification Team is responsible for creating the strategy, planning, and overall organization for your school’s involvement in the Seminary Environmental Certification Program and serves as a motivational force for the entire seminary community.   

Before joining your Green Certification Team, individuals should be aware of the time and work that is required, and agree to the 3-year commitment. Exceptions to this include graduating students who can serve shorter terms but the school should fill those vacancies as soon as they are able in order to ensure student involvement. All members must sign the Green Team commitment form, which should be submitted with the application.

Diversity, a range of experiences, and institutional influence are important characteristics of effective Green Certification Teams. The team should include:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Administration
  • Representation from segments of the seminary which will be affected or have influence according to which focus areas are selected for certification.

The Green Team’s Responsibilities

  • Completing the Institutional Audit
  • Creating and assisting with implementation of the Action Plan
  • Participating in Program webinars, discussions and other engagements virtually
  • Ensuring the completion of the Program requirements
  • Consistently promoting and publicizing the seminary’s environmental certification program efforts
  • Submitting progress reports to GSI every six months during implementation of Action Plan



Seminary Environmental Certification Program

Certification Green Team Commitment Form

(pdf available here)

By signing my name to this form, I pledge that I will help do my part to lead my school through the Green Seminary Initiative’s - Seminary Environmental Certification Program. I am aware that commitment to this process entails activities which could cover a span of up to three years (with exceptions for graduating students), which include:

  • Participating in Certification Green Teammeetings on a regular basis.
  • Helping complete the Certification Program’s Institutional Audits and Action Plan, covering steps in the five areas of theological education, worship/spiritual formation, facility management and grounds, community life, and institutional leadership and governance.
  • Participating in Program webinars and virtual engagements with Green Seminary Initiative representatives and cohort members of other seminaries participating in this certification process.
  • Promoting and generating enthusiasm for your school’s greening efforts and participation in the Green Seminary Initiative, through articles, social media outreach, press releases, and other communications steps.
  • Assisting with the submission of Progress Reports every six months during implementation of Action Plan.

You will receive periodic updates about the Certification Program at the email address you include below, as well as the Green Seminary Initiative general newsletter each month, and GreenFaith emails each week. 



Faculty, Staff, or Student

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