Grounding Religion: A Field Guide to Religion and Ecology, edited by Whitney Bauman, Richard Bohannon,  and Kevin O'Brien explores the relationship between religion and the natural world. This text, designed as an introductory text to the growing field of religion and ecology, explores a variety of issues and intersections emerging from recent scholarship in the field.


The Routledge website describes the book as follows:


"Grounding Religion examines the central concepts of ‘religion’ and ‘ecology’ using analysis, dialogical exchanges by established scholars in the field, and case studies. The first textbook to encourage critical thinking about the relationships between the environment and religious beliefs and practices, it also provides an expansive overview of the academic field of religion and ecology as it has emerged in the past forty years.


The contributors introduce students to new ways of thinking about environmental degradation and the responses of religious people. Each chapter brings a new perspective on key concepts such as sustainability, animals, gender, economics, environmental justice, globalization and place.


Discussion questions and contemporary case studies focusing on topics such as Muslim farmers in the US and Appalachian environmental struggles help students apply the perspective to current events, other media, and their own interests."


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