Summer Ministers' Training - June 6-10, 2016

Applications due March 11

The Gospel in the Ecological Crisis - A Training for Christian Clergy

From the California drought to Missouri floods to changing growing seasons across America, climate change is already affecting our country and world. The deeper ecological crisis known to front-line communities for decades is also coming to greater attention: toxic drinking water, collapse in fisheries, soil erosion, and oil and gas leaks have all received recent news coverage. Historically, the church has met world affairs with discernment, seeking to carry out the teachings of Jesus according to the material context of the age. What is the role of the Church in this moment? How can Christian clergy help their congregations profess the Good News in a changing world? 

Convened with assistance from Green for All, GreenFaith, Care of Creation, the Sophia Institute, the Franciscan Action Network, the NAACP, and Creation Justice Ministries, among others, this training is hosted by the Center for Earth Ethics and the Climate Reality Project. It aims to prepare clergy for ministry with their congregations in the new environmental paradigm. 

This training is free, and room, board and local travel are covered by the program for accepted applicants. 

Read more about the curriculum and submit an application. Applications are due March 11.

Sanitation, Water & Justice - An Evening with Catherine Flowers 
March 17, 2016


How does your waste impact our planet, our living environment, and others? What happens in rural communities in other parts of the country?

Join CEE Fellow Catherine Flowers and Director Karenna Gore for a conversation about waste, environmental justice, and spirituality in the United States. Catherine will present her work on water quality issues in Alabama, and then they will engage in a dialogue about the spiritual consequences of our throw-away society, and the role of religion in fights for environmental justice. This event is part of the ongoing exhibit The Value of Food at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City. Register here


Democracy Awakening
April 16-18, 2016

The majority of Americans recognize the need for environmental protection and action to stop climate change, but our government lags behind most other countries in addressing pollution and carbon emissions. One reason for this? The massive amounts of money spent by fossil fuel companies and big-business interests to keep our status quo, one that vaunts profit over people and the Earth. 

That's why we're coming together with over 100 other environmental, civil rights and progressive organizations in Philadelphia: to demand a real democracy in America, where people's votes matter more than campaign contributions by the wealthy. Join the effort, and learn more