Hope for the Movement

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The Green Seminary Initiative gives me hope. In a world where environmental injustices go increasingly unnoticed, the faithful response from our local houses of worship is more critical than ever. To foster this response that the world needs begins in the seminaries with the preparation of our clergy and religious leaders.

What gives me hope is that our theological schools recognize their responsibility and are coming together to support one another in this work. Regardless of school size, context, denomination, or faith tradition this is the greatest work to which we are all called and GSI offers a means for us to do it together.

Sarah Macias

We are living in a liminal time-- when communities of faith are called to respond to environmental injustice through worship and ritual, education, facility use, building community and providing public leadership to the world. Seminaries are training current and future leaders of these communities, and I'm proud to help connect these schools to each other. Together we are building resilience and adaptability, nurturing creativity and hope, celebrating milestones and successes.

I'm proud of the vision that was cast ten years ago, one that saw that seminaries and theological schools were uniquely positioned to prepare community leaders and clergy to care for creation. And that gives me hope in the face of all the work that is before us.

abby mohaupt