Join Green Seminary Initiative as an intern

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The Green Seminary Initiative (GSI) is a program of GreenFaith and Drew Theological School and fosters efforts by theological schools and seminaries to incorporate care for creation into the identity and mission of the institution, such that it becomes a foundational part of the academic program and an integral part of the ethos of the whole institution.

GSI administers a seminary environmental certification program with thirteen schools currently enrolled in the three year process. The program is open to seminaries serving students from a range of religious traditions.

GSI also supports fifty schools which are a part of the GSI network through management of a syllabi collection and a range of resources to assist in implementing best environmental practices in all areas of institutional life.

Intern Scope of Work and Deliverables
The intern role is designed to train seminary students and others in seminary communities in institutional development related to the “greening” of seminaries and in relational organizing skills that supports the development of the religious environmental movement. Envisioned as a field placement for seminary students, the role of the intern at Green Seminary Initiative requires attention to communications, organizing, and learning.

Compile and update 50+ school profiles
Compile resources for website, e-newsletters and social media content
Compile syllabi for the website

Coordinate and help design training in relational organizing for seminary students
Develop training resources in consultation with a wider GSI and GreenFaith team
Assist in leading trainings
Assist in evaluating the effectiveness of trainings

Read from bibliographies
Report back from webinars/conferences

The intern will be paid to work approximately 30 hours/month for one school year on the tasks listed above as assigned and coordinated by GSI Director(s). GSI is also in a position to supervise an intern for Field Site credit, in conversation with the intern’s seminary. If desired, additional unpaid intern experiences can be discussed which might be beneficial to GSI and helpful to the intern in strengthening her/his/their resume and professional portfolio.

To apply, please send resume and 1-page cover letter describing your interest in and vision for the position to